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Nic Welbourne

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Custom sculpts are available on commission. For pricing and availability please email hello@nicolawelbourne.com or use the contact page. The cost varies depending on the size, quantity and complexity of the design so please give as much detail as possible with your enquiry for pricing.

Previous clients include, games developers, merchandisers, illustrators and individuals for custom gifts and cake toppers.

Types of models include:

  • Character Maquettes for animation, games and toys.
  • Cake Toppers for weddings, birthdays and special occasions.
  • Portraits and Busts.
  • Pet portraits.
  • Other sculpts are available on request (copyrighted characters need permission from the owner).

Model details:

  • Single Models: Handmade from polymer clay and hand painted. The models are hard-wearing with strong wire armatures but are intended for ornamental purposes only, not be used as toys.
  • Multiple models: If you require a small batch of identical models (for gifts, promotional giveaways etc), these will usually be sculpted in clay, moulded in silicone and cast in resin.
  • Sizes range from around 8-15cm.
  • Can be created in a variety of styles, working from a single sketch, photograph or original design.
  • Depending on pose, models can be free-standing or attached to a base (plain or decorated).
  • Available painted or unpainted.

A4matic Model Commissions

I also collaborate with illustrator Adam Foreman (artist name A4man) who designs brilliant 2D characters and custom caricatures. These commissions are available under our partnership name A4matic. Contact us directly via email on hello@a4matic.com or use our Etsy Shop.