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Nic Welbourne

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About me

Nic Painting

I’m a freelance model maker and animator, originally from Leeds but after following my work around the country, I’m now based in Manchester.

I studied BA (HONS) Animation at University, where I specialised in puppet making and stop-frame animation. Since graduating in 2008 I have worked as a stop-frame animator and model maker on a variety of productions. These include the BAFTA award winning series ‘OOglies’ for CBBC and Ko Lik Films, the Scottish BAFTA award winning short film ‘Fixing Luka’ and various other independent productions.

As a freelancer I take model making commissions, creating custom sculpts in a variety of styles. My clients include illustrators, game developers, merchandisers and individuals looking for custom made figures or gifts. Please see the commissions page for more information.

I’ve recently formed the partnership A4matic with the talented illustrator Adam Foreman (artist name A4man), creating 3D sculpted versions of his quirky characters for various commissions covering models, animations, games and toys.

You can contact me for commissions or general enquiries using the contact page.